Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski is the founder of Noble Heir Productions. 

Los Angeles based award winning writer and director, Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski is best known for her novel, Excerptus – Child of Nosferatu (Available on Amazon) and children’s book Good Will Doll (paperback available on Amazon / Hardcover available on Lulu), Good Will DollAward Winning Animation of the same name, and acting in Crank: High Voltage. Her Directorial Debut, 35 min Award Winning film Sand Snowman – on the Post Soviet Half Regime, was aired on TV around the world.

Yeva-Genevieve Lavlinski has written many various genre screenplays and books;
F- Listers™: of the Off Red Carpet (Currently Filming), Farmers Market, Lola Wood, Winter Bride on a Winter Ride, Shoots of Spring, Sand Snowman, and Excerptus – Child of Nosferatu.

Law school graduate in Ukraine, Yeva chose to follow her natural path of creative writing and interest in film making and moved to the US. As a high-school student, she participated in regional competitions in mathematics and creative writing winning many years in a row. Yeva graduated Grekove Art Academy and had Art shows (Oil on Canvas) in Ukraine and America.

Since arriving in America, she has become certified in Web Development, Graphic Design, Surgical Dental Assisting and Film Production: Screenwriting, Directing, Stage & Wardrobe Design, Casting, Film Style Lighting, Editing and in other production capacities. 

In 2008 Yeva joined the actors union SAG/AFTRA.